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Well, I filed a bug yesterday and today I find an email with an answer and a new version with the bug solved there's already a 1. So kudos to koingo for customer support and quick and good developers! Now it would be great if they get my suggestion to move to something like sqlite from the format they actually use First class support and very good app. Like First, let me tell you how invaluable Librarian Pro is to me! I have been a volunteer for an incredible organization called Bookshare for probably about seven years now.

I was introduced to it way back in when my daughter, Cindy, who had cerebral palsy wanted to be able to read books independently. We had lots of books in our house, but no way for her to see a list. Later, the reading bug hit our younger daughter, Nichole, and by then my husband and I were full-fledged volunteers scanning an and proofreading books to make them digitally accessible for people with print disabilities.

I have been even been known to take my service dog, Daisy, to the library to help me complete collections. Librarian Pro has been allowing us to catalog not only the thousands of books in our home, but our daughter's massive video collection. I highly recommend Librarian Pro all my friends who need to organize any of their media! I can't believe how much this app doesn't even compare with its competition. It blows them all right out of the water, no questions asked. Looks like it's out with the old and in with the new and absolutely brilliant.

You can use this app for anything, not just movies and books! I was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered the dynamics of this app and all the possibilities that came with it. I didn't know what I was getting myself into, but I'm glad I do now. I won't be using anything else for as long as I live. Library Thing is similar to Goodreads, but with a stronger focus on the cataloging aspect.

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Part social media platform, part library-style catalog, the app sources book info from more than 4, libraries worldwide plus Amazon. This app takes more of a bare-bones approach. It allows users to input titles manually or search by IBSN or barcode and sort using a variety of metrics including author name. While primarily an ereader, it allows you to organize both physical books and ebooks on shelves.

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Back Cover! October 14th, More software updates. Great product for book collector.

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If you got books this is the best way to record them. The flexibility of the program is so great that you can record your books in a fashion that highlights what is important to you. You are not pinned down to a specific method that some geek programer in a back room who never owned a book thinks you should use to record your collections. It has flexibility. Further and just as important or maybe more important is the customer service. I have had this product for years and have consistently received the best customer service in the business.

Every email is answered. First they understand your question and then they answer it. Other software customer service people do not understand the question, and then give you an answer from some script that the mother ship office directs them to use regardless of whether it answers the question or not. Not so here. These guys are terrific. The best in the business. Buy the product. October 30, I needed to change, the app I was using to record my reading history was letting me down badly and with nearly books recorded I had to find a way of transferring my records over into a new app.

Alwin at CLZ certainly came up trumps, taking me a very un-techie silver surfer through the process step by step. This app really works, is very user friendly and seems to do the job I want it to do. Highly recommended. October 28, I have had Collectorz for several years with a collection over 2, books. This app is superb in enabling me to manage my books and all details as to the seller, price, edition and series etc. I also have it on my iPhone and check the app before I purchase any further books. The help component cannot be faulted and even living in Australia any query is answered almost immediately and followed up till I have sorted any it out.

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This is the best purchase I have ever made and for a book nut it is highly recommended to anyone with a collection, small or large. My thanks to all the staff. October 26, Great app to easily organize all your book collection. All my books are available go me on a quick and easy app.

October 23, Easy way to keep track of my collection. Will be a big help at future book sales. October 21, Perfect and easy.

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October 20, These are great apps. I love em. But it would be pretty cool to maybe combine them into one app as well. So that there is one app for all of it instead individuals. October 19, I purchased my CLZ Book Collector mid to inventory my late husbands book collection which is now over and counting.

First, I have to compliment the CLZ support team for their immediate and helpful response over these years to any inquiries, technical or otherwise. I recently purchased the CLZ Book app.